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Favorite Posts

These are some of my favorite posts. I have discovered that what I really like the best is snark and memoir. So I present to you, the best of Bearshapedsphere’s snarmoir. Which sounds like a place you can keep snars. Whatever those are.

If you have other suggestions of ones you’ve loved (but not lost), I’m listening.

What I learned about photography from my dead father

What being ten looks like from the outside

The thing you can’t find in a guidebook. That thing is you.

What’s in a name? Vegetables and adjective use in San Francisco and Santiago (with illustration by Manuela Montero)

The ugly side of traveling (health)

The story I shouldn’t tell, re: urine sample in Santiago. Medicine in Chile, always surprising.

The best souvenir (Arequipa, Peru)

Lost in Space, Neoyorquina no more

Nice is Relative, a Lesson From Paraguay