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Sometimes you will go to the market when you haven’t gone in a while. I was in La Serena last weekend and running around the weekend before, so I didn’t get the chance. But I made up for it this week. The phenomenon that followed harkens back to the mistaken action of going to the supermarket when you are hungry. What took place was this: (in my defense, I usually go to the feria with my panniers, but my bike had a flat, so I went with my granny cart. Lesson learned. Granny cart holds much more than panniers. As I was saying, to wit:

Feria report


The goods include (but are not limited to):

iceberg lettuce 600 CLP= $1.26

two lemons 300 CLP= $.63

two oranges 300 CLP= $.63

ginger 150 CLP= $.31

beets 600 CLP= $1.26

extra beet greens (free!)

a passion fruit 400 CLP= $.86

2 ears of corn 500 CLP= $1.05

2 kilos of apples 800 CLP= $1.68

a head of broccoli 600 CLP= $1.26

1 head of garlic 150 CLP= $.31

3 onions 400 CLP= $.84

1 giant box of arugula 1,000 CLP= $2.10

1 kilo of tomatoes 500 CLP= $1.05

squash 500 CLP= $1.05

giant bunch of pastilla grapes, which are going out of season (not pictured) 800 CLP= $1.68

Total= 7,000 CLP= about fifteen dollars

Oh, and in the spirit of that overdone American Express commercial takeoff, I leave you with the following:

The look on my face when the property company sees the color I have painted the living room= priceless

I had to estimate the prices of the oranges, lemons and garlic, as I bought them in tandem with other stuff, and I was high on vegetable fumes so I don’t exactly remember how much they cost. There are still berries on sale, which it seems late for, and my beloved pomegranates are coming in. Brussels sprouts are just showing up, and tomatoes are fading in color, but the squash is deepening its hue.

Oh hey, Reddit people. You like veggies? We’ve got veggies. Various feria reports, by month for your veggie-gawking pleasure.

January 2013 (spent $11.66)

September 2012, spent $14

February, 2012 spent $10

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