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Comingback from vacation brings me back immediately to two important things. Laundry and the feria. Today’s feria foray smelled like basil and melón calameño (cantaloupe) and ripe peaches and sometimes tomatoes. And occasionally, fish, but I speed past that part because despite eating it, I still haven’t gotten my brain around cooking it. I have two friends who cook it very well, and when I’m feeling deprived, I like to hit them in the chin (pegarles en la pera=pop over without invitation, though in actual fact, I do wait to be invited).

And back to the report. Here is today’s bounty, minus some blueberries because I started eating them, and eggs because they were still hanging on my handlebars when I took the photo. Blueberries are almost out of season, and I paid a whopping 1,000 pesos for 250 grams (about 2 bucks for half a pound). The eggs were 680 for 6 brown, farm-fresh eggs. And they don’t even have feathers on them!

1 red onion 100 clp= $.21
1 ají amarillo, which strangely, is orange (hot pepper) 100 clp= $.21
1 head garlic 100 clp= $.21
1 zucchini 100 clp= $.21
1 head broccoli 500 clp=$1.06
1 mango 500 clp=$1.06
1 bunch green onions 300 clp=$.63
1 kilo lemons 500 clp=$1.06
1 kilo small potatoes 250 clp=$.53
1 bunch carrots 300 clp=$.63
2 ears of corn 500 clp=$1.06
2 eggplants 500 clp=$1.06
1 giant red pepper 400 clp=$.85
1 avocado 330 clp=$.70
1 plus kilo of tomatoes 570 clp=$.78
1 small bunch basil 200 clp= $.42
1 cantaloupe 400 clp=$.85
1 bagged salad 250 clp=$.53

Total: 5500 clp= $11.66

I did not purchase the turkey eggs (huevos de pava) that the egg lady (the one who does not also sell the chicken feet) was selling. They cost 400 clp each, or 3 for 1000 clp, and are available from mid Jan to mid March, if you’re interested. I know I shouldn’t be squeamish about turkey eggs, but like with the fish, I am a hypocrite, thou, having mainly conquered my fear of huevos de codorníz (quail eggs), I would probably try them if they showed up on my plate.

Also, this pic taken (poorly) with the ipad. You do not want to know how many photos I took on my trip. In fact, I don’t want to know, either. So not dealing with that today!