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Don’t forget to turn your cats off, a linguistic lesson from Chile

I thought I knew about cats. Yes, cats. After 15 years in Chile, surely I know enough not to look...
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8M, the International Womens’ Day March in Santiago, Chile (a commemoration, not a celebration)

"Casi me emociono" said a woman standing next to me as I used the back of my hands to dry my own...
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In Which a Near-Dooring Leads to Tone Policing (tales of cycling and slang in Chile)

Yesterday, as I periodically do, when nearly killed by a flung-open taxi door a solid meter from...
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December Newly-Returned-to-Santiago Feria Kvell/Report

There is this piece of Smith family lore, by which I usually mean to introduce something false,...
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I might officially be Chilean

Something really big has happened. After fourteen years in Chile, something enormous has taken...
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The woman who saved my artichoke

A different kind of feria report. As some of you may know, as I've mentioned it here, and in real life, I'm dealing with what I have referred to as a "stomach snafu." It seems to be histamine intolerance and I won't bore you with the details, but a lot of my formerly...

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New-to-me Santiago Feria Report

Oh, the feria. If there's a constant in my life, and you are also in my life, you know I live by the feria. Cheaper fruit and veg, no long lines, and truthfully, it's just one of the joys for me of living in Chile. I am still mid-snafu re: stomach, so most of what...

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In Which Our Protagonist Makes the Most Out of Coconut

What's in a coconut? Several things conspired to make this event happen. First, a friend recently was complaining that you can't get fresh coconut in Santiago. Not true, I cried! And then set out to find them, and find them I did, in the Vega, in my case, in the...

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Street Spellcheck. What the Fock?

When I was living in DC, I worked at a publishing company, writing business-to-business compliance manuals and newsy bits about environmental law. It was a pretty big office, maybe 60-80 people, and there was a core group of folks that I would make coffee-machine...

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The Great Election Walk of 2016, in Santiago, Chile

Though it may seem strange if you are from the US or many other countries, where only citizens are given the right to vote, once you have been in Chile as a legal resident for five years (including one-year visas), you are automatically folded into the rolls of...

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