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New (to me) feria report, and the continued joy that living in Chile brings me)

In talking about the civil unrest, this fríend of a friend asked me what it would take for me to...
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Not just curtains (leaving centro/social upheaval and more)

Curtains! Not a scintillating topic. Except why do I need curtains? And why have I spent fifteen...
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Don’t forget to turn your cats off, a linguistic lesson from Chile

I thought I knew about cats. Yes, cats. After 15 years in Chile, surely I know enough not to look...
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8M, the International Womens’ Day March in Santiago, Chile (a commemoration, not a celebration)

"Casi me emociono" said a woman standing next to me as I used the back of my hands to dry my own...
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In Which a Near-Dooring Leads to Tone Policing (tales of cycling and slang in Chile)

Yesterday, as I periodically do, when nearly killed by a flung-open taxi door a solid meter from...
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Stomach snafu vs. peppers. Anyone want to place a bet?

Food is our great connector. No matter where you go, you can start a conversation about food and nearly everyone will have something to say about it. I think it's a fair assumption, judging by Facebook and Instagram (should I be following you? please leave me your...

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The woman who saved my artichoke

A different kind of feria report. As some of you may know, as I've mentioned it here, and in real life, I'm dealing with what I have referred to as a "stomach snafu." It seems to be histamine intolerance and I won't bore you with the details, but a lot of my formerly...

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New-to-me Santiago Feria Report

Oh, the feria. If there's a constant in my life, and you are also in my life, you know I live by the feria. Cheaper fruit and veg, no long lines, and truthfully, it's just one of the joys for me of living in Chile. I am still mid-snafu re: stomach, so most of what...

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In Which Our Protagonist Makes the Most Out of Coconut

What's in a coconut? Several things conspired to make this event happen. First, a friend recently was complaining that you can't get fresh coconut in Santiago. Not true, I cried! And then set out to find them, and find them I did, in the Vega, in my case, in the...

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Street Spellcheck. What the Fock?

When I was living in DC, I worked at a publishing company, writing business-to-business compliance manuals and newsy bits about environmental law. It was a pretty big office, maybe 60-80 people, and there was a core group of folks that I would make coffee-machine...

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