Recipe for a Coastal Weekend Relajo, El Quisco Norte

One of the things that I find so hard to capture about what I love about Chile is this. Also, forgive me, but I have been in recipe development land, and old habits die hard. You’re lucky I didn’t take all the photos with a shallow depth of field, heavy bokeh and strange items in the background.

Grab some friends, add some wine, food from about six nations, three awesome cooks. Pour into one beach house, with great view and beautiful balcony.

Let simmer for three days.

Serves as many as will fit in the house, are willing to cook/clean/share/laugh/go for long walks.

This is Chile.

El Canelo

This is the beach we did not spend much time on, at El Canelo. Reason we did not spend much time there? Look at all the people!


The piney thicket we got to walk through on our way to the beach. The air in stand of trees was cool and damp, like someone had turned on the natural A/C

plants over the beach

Not for the faint of heart, slippery of foot or short of breath. A view over the cliffs with this funny plant I always love when I see it, but forget to look for the name of in foreground.


I almost lost my voice shouting “Pelicans pelicans pelicans pelicans” every time they flew overhead. Thanks pelicans.


On a reconnaissance off the beach and up through the town, we found this painted sign, one of my favorite styles. You used to see them all over Chile, they say, but now I only know of one in all of downtown (near San Diego). Click here to see my other bread guy.

two sunsets

And if you time it just right, you can take a picture that looks like there are two suns. Which there never are. Unless you added entirely too much wine.


4 thoughts on “Recipe for a Coastal Weekend Relajo, El Quisco Norte

  1. Love the bread man!

    I am jealous of your southern hemisphere weather, blue skies, and blue water. Sigh.

  2. Sorry Ellen! I know this winter has been dreadful up there! I didn’t do this to throw it in the northern hemisphere’s face. Maybe it’s my way of saying, “summer will come?”

  3. Wow- what memories that brings back! I Love El Canelo and know it well… the prettiest beach in all the litoral (although yes, WAY too many people this time of year)… and it’s so sad that they chopped down so much of the beautiful pine forest to put up high rises (adding yet MORE people to the crowd).
    BTW- El Canelo is actually part of Algarrobo, not Quisco. That 3rd shot, taken near the point with the little white bench (off camera), is kind of the dividing line.

  4. We were staying in El Quisco Norte, had to walk to get to Algarrobo/El Canelo. We were on the other side of the little white bench! Not a long walk, but on the other side of the montículo with the cross on it. It is very pretty, though if you’re willing to go farther, there are some other horseshoe-shaped beaches that are pretty fantastic, too. The colors here were incredible though. I will definitely go back in the off season.

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