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It is fall in the northern hemisphere. I get it. I see your gorgeous placid lakes and gurgling streams, lined with trees painted in vibrant oils in a palette of red-redder-reddest and the yellows and oranges as well. This is the one time of year when I get truly nostalgic for the weather in the northeastern United States. I don’t mind the warm Christmas, and with the addition of pavlova to the rotation (thanks Aussie-Kiwi friends!), find it almost enjoyable. I don’t mind my February birthday in the middle of summer, though this I do manage to run away from with some frequency. It’s not the weather, it’s the I-don’t-like-being-the-center-of-attention-despite-what-my-blog-may-indicate.

But worry not, northern hemisphereans! For we have spring in the southern hemisphere! With beautiful blooming geraniums and california poppies and a profusion of blooms in all the Crayola colors, not just the traffic light colors. Except this is the most uncharacteristically cold October we’ve had in maybe ever, and despite Santiaguinos assuring me that “siempre es así en octubre” (it’s always like this in October), I can heartily recall and assure you that in fact, that is simply not true.

But when spring finally does arrive, which apparently could be any day now, bike rides home in 40 degree weather and a driving rainstorm be darned, it will be beautiful. And just as jealous as you make me with your eye-catching trees and lakes, I wanted to show you just a little of what spring can look like here (if it ever arrives).

All photos from Cerro San Cristóbal, the “iconic” hill that overlooks the city with a large white Mary on top. I can see the hill, but not the Mary from my apartment. And when the real estate agent pointed that out, I said, “that’s ok, I’m Jewish,” which probably made her think I needed Mary even more.

And then, of course, a dog. Not blooming, not particularly emblematic of springtime, but certainly Santiago’s unofficial official animal. Mutts-a-million we have.

Springtime in the southern hemisphere and all that. Coming right up. Please weather gods, don’t make a liar out of me, even if you don’t even have a hill to peep at me from here in Chile.