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In a stealth move that I told precious few people about, I am on the other side of the world now. I think the people on three flights I was on had an inkling that I was on the move, as did everyone on line at the three separate security lines I suffered through where nobody removed the long T-wrench from my possession, despite its (probable) illegal presence in my carry on. The wrench is used for skate maintenance, and I just discovered it last night. Whoops.

So I’m here, not there. 90 degree days in Santiago for the high 20s with luck in Seattle. I’ve been having a ridiculously laughy and well-fed time with Pam and her husband, and yesterday Pam and I each put on two pairs of pants and went out for a wander in the snow and ice and precip and blowy weather. We came upon the following items:

-A father and daughter trying to convince Lucky, their very aged, white-masked golden retriever to sit on the wooden sled they had out with them. In the end, the daughter (early to mid teens) sat on the sled and lucky galloped along, pulling her down the slope.
-A father pulling his young toddler child down the road on a bumbo-like purple sled, while the child sat blinking, as if incredulous that this type of transportation was possible.
-A cyclist, who had remarkable control over his bike, especially considering what it felt like to just walk down the street
-A handful of children and their parents sledding down a hill at a local park
-A group of people building a castle and a tower in their front yard. They moulded the bricks using a loaf pan, which just last week had been used to make meat loaf. They had also carved a dragon, and easily win the most elaborate snow sculpture in the hood award.

All of these funny little red berries and things.

and the giant, healthy arucaria (monkey puzzle tree) across the street, with snow in its pointy leaves:

And snow piled up in places making pretty patterns:

What I’m really hoping to see today is the inside of a plane on my way to San Francisco, which was the main purpose of this trip, family and whatnot. But the tinkling of icy rain falling on the crust of ice outside my window has me doubting, though the airlines are acting like there’s no ice storm at all. I’m guardedly optimistic. Probably foolishly so. At least I have my red berries. And I want to go check on that dragon.