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I don’t know if this requires an apology or not, but I simply cannot get over my new view. I loved my old view, it’s true, but I looked to the south. In addition to the fact that the south is the coldest exposure in the southern hemisphere, though I could see far, I couldn’t see anything particularly interesting looking straight out the window. Still, it was lovely (you can check back on flickr or here, or just dream of pretty).

But it’s nothing like my new view. What distinguishes my new view (aside from the fact that actual sun comes in and warms the place up) from my old view is partially the mountains, and cerro San Cristobal and other beautiful far-away stuff.

And then there’s what it’s the primer plano (first plane? close to me). I love these cupolas, these rooves, this higgeldy-piggeldy corrugated tin that is stapled together and run through with pipes and stubborn trees that grow out of nowhere. I love the light on it in this photo.

But who doesn’t love a prettily-illuminated view. Light, shadows, depth, architecture, textured metal, trees, pretty.

What I love about this view is how it looks in the hazy, grey days that lay before me as the sun’s angle grows more oblique, and Santiago goes full-on into fall (governmental refusal to change the clocks notwithstanding).

It’s as though nothing exists, just me and my cupolas, and a couple of fl-fl-flapping pigeons that blurrily crossed my long exposure. If I’m disgustingly enthusiastic about my view, please forgive me. And if you’re enthusiastic about it, too (and I already know you), come by and snap or sketch it any time.