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one of my favorite windows

This is one of my favorite windows. Favorite window, you say? but of course. Everyone should have one.

Windows are openings, possibilities, glimpses, fresh breezes, cool winds that make you bundle up against the cold. They’re neighbor’s cooking smells and the sound of someone hammering in a nail or spray painting something. As city dwellers we are apprised of each other’s activities. You know when I drop something and swear loudly, or when I’ve (embarrasingly) been playing the same Beyonce song ad nauseam (sorry).

But what I love most about this window is that it’s the reward for when the elevator isn’t working (which is not infrequent), and I’m hoofing it up or down, as this window is in the building’s staircase. Sometimes its grey and dusty, but every now and then this window shines with the warmth of a sunset that almost hides its broken panes and ripped screen, and makes the tangle of weeds that crawls up the outside of my building (because no one is really in charge of maintenance here) look like a study in freestyle horticulture instead of extreme buliding neglect. And I usually just stand there for a few extra seconds thinking about how the right light can make anything look beautiful and how maybe carrying my bike down from the sixth floor isn’t so terrible, at least for today.

Got a favorite? linkety do.