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Disclaimer: I know it’s not yet spring. But it’s beginning to look alot that way, so I declare it the beginning of bearshapedsphere’s spring.

I have a long history of hating spring, and spring-like weather. Crappy things tended to abound in the spring when I was growing up, and I grew to dislike it. The happy smiling frisbee playing students at college, both mine and the one nearby where I studied Classics made me want to yarf. It was birdy, flowery, green-grass smelly, and I hated it.

Strange? It’s everyone’s favorite season, renewal and energy, rebirth and romance. Yuck, I thought.

I don’t know where the change came along but I kind of like spring now. Every now and then I’m lucky enough to catch spring in the northern hemisphere, and the crocuses (croqui?) unfurl themselves up through the soil and it’s all very dramatic and beautiful. It smells nice, things bloom and blossom and otherwise shoot forth tendrils and drip dew and go into soft focus and awwwww.

But the signs of spring are different here. The very first tree that blooms in the spring here (and we have many flowering trees) is the aromo, some sort of acacia/mimosa-type thing. People often pluck a few branchlets and bring them home to stick them in a vase.

Then of course we get the cherry blossoms, and the flowering plum trees, neither of which, sadly provide any fruit. But they’re pretty to sit under, as this couple is doing.

And you can bike past them, holding onto your kid so he doesn’t let speed get away from him.

or you can ride up the cerro with your biketeam and enjoy some mote con huesillo.

But the absolute best thing, best thing you can do in spring? Go out in it. And so I shall.

More signs of spring to follow.