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oh heavens, don’t get the 4th thing on the list
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One of the lovely things about traveling in another country is the myriad foodproducts, foodstuffs and foods that you’ve never heard of or tried before. In Chile, most of the typical fastfoods are variations on meat and starch, like the first item on the list, the completo. The completo is a symphony of cholesterol and fat, painted thick on top of a hotdog and placed into a bun. There is a mashed avocado, some cubed tomatoes and a giant stripe of mayonnaise squeezed out of a nozzled bag. It’s a national obsession, totally lost on this girl, as the last hotdog I ate was in 1978 with my anorexic grandmother on the boardwalk in Coney Island, at Nathans, with the fries in a cup and that tiny pitchfork they give you to spear them out.

But I digress. Churrasco is a piece of meat, and “a lo pobre” means it will be served with french fries and a fried egg on top. Later down on the list are other varieties of food such as stewed meat and onions piled atop french fries, a giant meat sandwich hemorrhaging string beans, a cheesesteak style meat and cheese sandwich and steak with your choice of side dishes.

But don’t skip down the list too quickly. Consider the fourth item. Could you, as an English speaker, order such a thing? Would you be capable? What if I tell you that it’s a typo, and that the word is “as,” which refers to the ace in a deck of cards. How about then?

Apparently this delicacy is a combination of sloppy joe-meets-completo. My friend S—– opines, “es muy bueno.” (it’s really good). I’ll have to take her word for it. Replace the hotdog part of the completo described above with browned ground beef. And then, my friend, you’ve got yourself an Ace. Or you know, however you want to say it.