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Typical breakfast in Costa Rica

Ever since an 8.8 earthquake hit Chile in February, 2010, I take earthquakes very personally. Were the people afraid? Did it roar and shake, and did the water splash in the sink and did the roof fall in and did your favorite tree just split down the middle?

And I also think about what those places looked like. Before anyone gave them a second thought, and kids walked, or rode, or took the bus to school and everyone stopped to have a chat at the local store when picking up some bread, or some milk.

Today’s news of a 7.6 earthquake epicentered in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, a little jamb of land that hangs off the northwest coast didn’t make me wonder about the place. It made me remember. In March 2008, I did a 5-day self-guided bike tour around the peninsula, which ended strangely, with an emergency trip to NY. I don’t know how things are there on the Nicoya peninsula now, as news is coming slowly, but I remember what it looked like before, and hope they can reclaim that feeling of absolute normality as soon as possible.

There is so much more to this story, but for today, I will not put myself center stage.

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