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colors in El Morado glacier valley
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My eyes are not big enough and no camera is powerful enough to feel this place. To record what I really saw and to show you the clarity of the air. The El Morado Glacier valley is a stone’s throw from Santiago, in Cajón del Maipo. This is about 45 minutes into the hike, which starts approximately 60 miles from my house.

As we made our way down the washboard roads back to the city, I commented to the people in the back seat of Aníbal’s car, that there must be precious few national capitals from which a quick jaunt into the mountains brings you this close to something so untouchably beautiful. I was pulling Chilean heartstrings, and I knew it. And they returned the compliment to me, telling me that in living here, I had chosen well.

And then we went for onces (elevenses: like suppertime tea) at Marta’s house and then everyone went home.