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Social Media


Bearshapedsphere has a Facebook page. Do you remember Cabbage Patch Kids? And how they could have pets, called Koosas? My blog having its own page feels a little like that to me. Still, people seem to like it. Follow along if you like. There are things on there that do not make it onto the blog.


I tweet. Sometimes infrequently. Sometimes more. You never know what will happen over there. I follow back if it seems like you talk about stuff I talk about in a language I understand. It’s not a very precise set of criteria, alas. Here’s my Twitter.


For now, Bearshapedsphere does not have an Instagram feed. However, a food-related project I have with a friend of mine does. We post most days about food and drink in Santiago, though occasionally take the show on the road. It is great fun, and it’s called DishSantiago. Our inside joke is that we call posting on Instagram “dishing.” Well, not that much of an inside joke anymore then, is it? DishSantiago also has a Facebook page. Yes, this is bordering on reductionist absurdity, we know.