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39, The Year that Didn’t Kill Me

This book-length manuscript is my telling of the story of becoming older than my father ever was. The book details the search to figure out who I was, what I lost, and ultimately, how I paved a future for myself when I failed completely (and spectacularly) to follow in my father’s footsteps by living past 39. The memoir takes readers from 70s Brooklyn through 2010 Santiago, Chile and many places in between. There is strong emotional detail, a fierce sense of nostalgia, travel, a few misadventures, and tales of kitchen derring-do (not completely unrelated) in this memoir that you will want to read and lend to friends.

Unagented as of January, 2017. Interested in learning more? Email me at bearshapedsphere at to see a proposal, synopsis, chapter summaries, or a wildly out of scale hand-drawn sketch of the layout of my childhood home.