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I have been unfair.

Often, I make fun of strange English I see here in Chile. There are apostrophes from space, misspellings-a-million, Starbucks name-writing fails, and this gorgeous set of errors contained in one word that still makes one of my (Chilean) friends laugh whenever we say it, madafaca.

But it seems there’s been a recent across-the-board improvement in the grammar and slang usage among the scrawling set, the people who adorn Santiago’s beautiful historic buildings (and occasionally, posts) with offensive language. Shield your eyes, I warned you.

For example, here’s one that is “sweet” and to the point. Ten points for accuracy, five for color choice.

This one serves the dual purpose of both demonstrating the fine education being received hoy en día (nowadays), through perfect grammar and spelling, and also makes me feel just a little less welcome here than I did just the other day.

And then we have yesterday’s favorite. Technically I believe it is missing a comma, and it is certainly not a full sentence, but it demonstrates a superior mastery of slang, or at least an assiduous attention to detail to daytime talk shows or similar. And for that, the puntaje (point value) is through the roof (which is not, but could shortly be, on fire).

I look forward to your child’s continued progress in class, and his repeated vandalism on my fine city.