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One of the things I’ve really enjoyed over the last eight years of living in Santiago is either how quirky it’s become, or how much I’ve grown to notice the quirk. Without getting into long parentheticals or even snarky commentary or even irme por las ramas (going off on crazy tangents (which is tangentially related to the parentheticals (damnit, I did it anyway))), here’s some of what I’ve been looking at lately.

Old School

Free dish detergent with gas canister fill-up

Ooops, address change

Little boat “kiosks” on Paseo Huérfanos

Walking the mules

New School

Bike tricksters

Different bike tricksters at fountain on Apoquindo

Box head


Single speeds. In Barrio Italia, naturally.


An interactive art installation in Bellavista

Thanks Santiago. It’s always a great show.