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I went to the super pig, or in good Chilean, me fui al super chancho.


Me fui (I went) al (to the) super (super) chancho (pig)

or better said: I overdid it. The addition of the super means I really overdid it. Practical application, to tell a friend they overdid it: te fuiste al chancho.

I let the fridge get bare, a very sad state of affairs, with little more than mixed vegetable pickle (get yourself to Harry’s Minimarket on Manuel Montt norte if you don’t know what I’m talking about, other Indian goodies also available), a kilo-sized jar of dijon mustard (Jumbo, Alto Las Condes), Chinese hot pepper garlic sauce (China House Market, rio de janiero con antonia lopez de bello), some Quillayes plain yogurt (makes excellent greek yogurt when strained) and some cooked porotos pallares (cooked butter beans).

So I did the downtown Chilean equivalent of going to the supermarket hungry. I went to the Vega with a bare larder. No pic of the haul today, as I’ve already started cooking, but here’s what I admit to buying:

1 kilo lemons
2 kilos oranges
1/2 kilo limon sutil
1/2 kilo limon de pica
2 ears corn
1 kilo spinach
3 heart-shaped red peppers
5 eggplants
1 kilo potatoes
1 bunch leeks
1/4 kilo arugula
1 head broccoli
1 head cauliflower
1 kilo brussel sprouts
cherry tomatoes

see what I mean? I also bought green olives stuffed with pimentos, almonds and popcorn for popping.

And pictured above is today’s lunch. Pasta with butter beans, garlic, olive oil, hot pepper and wilted spinach, and halved cherry tomatoes, sprinkled with reggianato I got from Quesos Arturito. I may need my head examined, and I may run all over the city to pick up my nibbles, but at least lunch will be tasty.

Here’s a bonus picture, and a Chilean food hint.

Chilean “pasta with beans” (but no garlic, cheese, spinach or tomatoes) is called “porotos con riendas” (literally, beans with reins). People consider it wholesome, homey, cheapish, unadventurous food, but if you’re looking for something substantial and cheap, check it out. Disclaimer: have never had it! Disclaimer 2, that’s iPadography you’re looking at. It’s what I had on hand.

The bowl is from Pomaire, but more on that soon. Along with pretty, pretty pictures.