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AND The other morning I was going up to Portillo to go for a hike (more on this, soon) and I saw a man cycling to work in a full-on suit and a bright-green tie. Bad for the drycleaning bill, yet good for making me smile.

AND I have been afraid of the dentist since I don’t know when, but I have one now that I like. If you are in Santiago and need a dentist, send a message. She’s conservative on treatment, has a gentle hand, and is close to the Shangri La Supermarket, which now means I’m enjoying some pumpernickel bread for breakfast these days. Also, at the shangri-la supermarket, two items competing to be the most ridiculously overpriced imported food products on the Chilean market. Perhaps you would like four veggie burgers for fourteen dollars? Or maybe two french bread pizzas for eleven? If any Chileans are buying these, I would also like to sell them, well, anything, because clearly price is not a barrier.

AND I recently posted on FB that when life gives you 3 kilos of tomatoes, you should make tomato soup. Eighteen people commented on it. This either means, everyone is a huge fan of tomato soup, people like it when you change a saying, or no one was saying anything even remotely interesting on Sunday. I also suspect a possible south american tomato cartel. Any thoughts?

AND It has recently come to my attention that actual cheddar cheese has been right under my nose in Santiago and I never noticed. Not the Santa Rosa kind, which is peculiarly orange and is a bit too gummy. Thank goodness for Aussie friends who tell you about these things. Cost, about 2800 CLP (six bucks). Not the slices, the chunk. And oh yes, that is tasty, just like the cheese says. I choose it over Santa Rosa, which is hard to find, anyway. None of these items show up at my local supermarket, fwiw, though Lider did just start carrying Great Value brand chocochip cookies and mint chocolate chip icecream. I smell a chipwich party… Oh right, the cheese.

AND There should be a website called “is there anything screwy going on with where I’m going?” You could put in your start and finish points, and they could tell you that, for example, the trail up Cerro San Cristobal is under construction and dusty as hell and you will have to climb over a giant pile of rocks on your way up. Or that Parque Araucano is closed on Mondays and you will have to walk all the way around and thereby almost be late to your dentist. Whose office looks like this:

AND the Gap in Chile. It’s true. Open in Santiago, at Parque Arauco, downstairs. Prices are high, sale prices are better. I am slightly ashamed to say I felt a sense of consumer relaxatory bliss upon entering the store.

AND litre will give you a rash again if you do not, apparently, scour your litre-ridden socks with some kind of powerful blasting thing. Gads, that’s itchy.

AND I have been skating again, and I’m getting betterish at it, which brings me great, 40-year-old joy.

My brain dump is now complete. Now I have room for more minutiae. See you soon!