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Sometimes you will see a man walking down the street like this, and some kids will shout the Peruvian equivalent of “hey mister!” And he will turn around, and swing their way.

And they will ask how much. He will say 1 sol, (about 30 cents) and they’ll hand off the money, three of them, a boy and two girls.

And they’ll take away their cup of what is turned out is called ponche, and is sort of a looseish meringue, and the two girls, who are friends, will share most of it, occasionally pausing to allow the younger brother of one of them to have just a small taste, which his sister puts in his mouth with precision, like it’s medicine, and scrapes the spoon against his top teeth on the way out.

Still in Suriname, people, I just have a wicked good memory, and a couple of pictures uploaded. Enjoy!