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In which our protagonist writes about something she is absolutely not experiencing, both soyburgers and Santiago. She hopes you will forgive her this folly, as well as writing in the third person, when you know (or will in a second) that she is sitting in a trailer in Paramaribo, Suriname writing this missive, having just eaten Kandra met rijst tomatensaus, which, strangely, was delivered with a diner-pleated paper cup full of curry sauce, not tomato sauce. At any rate, it was delicious, and no soybeans were injured in the production of the meal.

So, back to soyburgers. Though you know that I myself prefer a black bean burger from time to time, there’s no escaping that soyburgers are catching on in Chile. At a recent family protest in Santiago, here are some of my more favorite signs that crossed my view and my viewfinder.

On a wheely cart and 3/4 length orange cammo pants in the background.

On a colorful background, but mysteriously truncated.

Everything tastes better written (at least partially) in English.

And my personal favorite, because it’s written in what I consider to be the “traditional” sign style. Most of our supermarket signs look like this, and it’s funny to see a somewhat modern product with this lettering.

Hope wherever you are, you’re getting tasty nibbles. One day I really will write a delicious missive from the road, but for now I’ve got to get ready for Suriname’s independence festivities. I just wish I had a tree to dress up. That will make sense to you someday, I promise.

Fare well, my chickadees.