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Let it never be said that English has not done a number on Spanish, with it’s Nova (won’t go!) cars, and it’s sarna (mange) lotion, and a number of other products and names that you’d just as soon leave on their shelves, or undiscovered. And let it not be said that Mendoza did not have some truly lovely things about it. Like the food, and the wine. And the biking. And the wine, did I mention that? Why, I think I did.

But there were two things in Mendoza that even I, fairly snicker-proof and fairly culturally sensitive and jaded even (at times) could not stomach. Or at least could net go uncommented on.

The first, a lice shampoo. Or that is to say, an anti-lice shampoo. With a name like this, if I were a louse, I’d get out of dodge as well.

And then, if that left you with a bad taste in your mouth (sorry), or perhaps, a bad smell on your head, perhaps you’d like to head to this perfume shop for a remedy, or at least a coverup.

Or maybe not.

And I know it’s so overdone, but I hope you’ll forgive me. Because assy maggot just needed to be brought to the light of day. Sorry Mendoza, you know we’ll always be friends. Even if you have lice and you smell like… well, something, all right.