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I was recently in San Francisco, visiting the contingent of my family that recently moved there, and while my niece was off at day camp, and before I headed up north to Seattle and points beyond, I ran off on a crazy hodge-podge of public transportation (two longish bus rides), to get over to the Golden Gate bridge. Why? Because wind makes me happy, the ocean is like an old friend, and well, it was there.

I also took the opportunity to take pictures of the large numbers of signs in evidence, as in other places in San Francisco, but this time on and around the bridge. Some of them are pretty funny from a pedestrian point of view (speed limits and U turn prohibitions) and some should make all of us sad and relieved and hopeful at the same time (suicide prevention hotline).

Here’s a few, starting with the detailed and overkilly no-this no-that one at the beginning of the walk.

Followed by a broad vista:

Speed limits and bicycle warnings:

Crisis counseling:

Almost time to turn around:

But in addition to the signs, there are also the views, all blue sky and turquoise water bisected by a red bridge, and the foolish tourist (in this case, me) in a windy self-take.

And really big boats:

And there are cyclists, and occasional backpackers/wanderers:

And a couple of monks (I believe):

You could take a shmancy tour bus, or you could look at the nifty MUNI planning website here. I took the bus over to the edge of the Sunset, and later the 28 all the way down Park Presidio and to the foot of the bridge. Walking round trip took about a half an hour, and I can’t believe I used to live in SF and never thought to make that amble before. It was blue, aqua and red, windy, blustery, bikey and just about perfect. I was still with minicam at this time, and you can see what I have to say about that here, and to a lesser extent (lamenting its limitations, here).