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Between the excitement of the bagels in Santiago and Viña, and then the excitement of teargassing peaceful protesters of the hydroelectric project in the south of Chile (and the fact that Global Voices and BuzzTracker picked up that blog post), there has been movement afoot. And I love all of it. I adore the fact that you can get food commentary one day, linguistic blabla the next and a little politics on day three. Or rather, I love that I can spin it, and that there’s something for everyone. I think (probably too much) about what it means to be an expat blogger. I know that what I produce is just one person’s view. If I were taller, or blonder (or blonde at all), or looked just ten degrees to the left or if a panoply of other things were true about me, my perspective would be different.

But today I don’t want to tell you anything. I just want to put up some photos that have been hanging out on my desktop for way too long. These are some parts of my Chile, my Santiago, my perspective. Eso. (that’s it).

Sign, La Reina (Comuna of Santiago)

Recoleta Cemetery, Recoleta (no photos allowed!)

And one day I will take a page from Kyle Hepp’s good book, and talk about the hows and whys of my photography. Maybe.