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Are you going to Lollapalooza? Do you wish you were? Did you know that it’s in Chile this year, April 2nd and 3rd? Should I consider that a celebration of when I will have been in Chile for seven years? It’s so nice of those thousands of people to stand together in Parque O’Higgins, not far from my current or future home (YES! I am moving, it is a miracle, I am hoping the Rio Mapocho will run clear in miraculous accompaniment) for many hours on end, absorbing the sun with their upturned faces as much loud music wafts over them.

But I will probably not be going. It’s not that I have anything against Parque O’Higgins, I’ve been many times, usually around the national holiday (September 18th) to catch stuff like this going on.

women bringing up the rear

It’s an okay park, if a bit of a peladero (literally, bald thing, but what I mean is that it’s mostly untreed, and the parade grounds are a giant parking lot scar in the middle of the park). And it has this little lagoon of dubious cleanliness, where children splash and swim, despite signs indicating that they should not.

swimming prohibited

It also has this quirkly little Pueblito thing, which is a fake little huaso (Chilean cowboy)town, and Fantasilandia, an amusement park, and fairly newly, a skatepark with the possibility of doing a 360 through a tube.

But I will (almost definitely) not be there for Lollapalooza. Oh, I get it that it’s a big deal, the first time the festival takes place outside of the United States. And friends repeatedly tell me that the Killers are getting back together. The Killers! And I think about how old and doddery I’ve gotten and how much I enjoy acoustic music like Nano Stern who I saw at Teatro del Puente (remember that?)

Nano Stern, Teatro del Puente 14/1/11 foto 1

Or Donavon Frankenreiter, who came to a bizarre, very poorly-organized concert at Mall Sport on the lagoon there. (Seriously, the crowd control was mythically bad, a cluster idiocy of even post-Chilean proportions, in most other countries there would have been a riot, and sorry for being bringing up the political, but man I hope Egypt gets their way).

donavon frankenreiter, 1/26/11 concert, santiago, 1

But Donavon was fabulous, and gave a tremendous show, and he and his accompanying guitar guy even pulled up closer to the audience when they felt they were too far away, and threw mikes into the crowd for people to sing along, and he was just generally all lovey, and he sang the song for us that he wrote for his son, and he muddled along in Spanish and I thought about how I should have offered interpretation services so he could have talked to the crowd, but really most everyone up there understands enough English that he could have spoken more, but anyway, yay, concert! And yay acoustic music, and yay Donavon coming closer, and yay newish camera that pulls light from nowhere, and yay Kyle (on location this week) for asking the seminal question “but do you really plan to take photos at night?” which encouraged me to buy said camera. And yes, and with vigor. Or much clickage.

And yeah, I like many things, among them, photography and quietish music. And I think I’m really going to like my new apartment. Though I will miss this view:

postcard perfect

But I can’t wait to get the keys and dance around to folky music at a moderate volume and show you all what the new place has to offer.