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if you are a) not interested in my media splash out or b) don’t read Spanish. It will be dull, it will be boring, and if you read my blog, it will not tell you anything new. Shout out to the behind-the-scenes Beatriz Burgos who contacted me about this article, and is just an all-around nice gal, positive and pro-communication and media savvy in ways I probably never will be. She’s got a hand in about a million and one projects (though who wouldn’t have room for one more), and writes damn funny, wordsmithy copy. If you need to find her, I suggest Google-fu, or contact me and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Also, in a small world coincidence, about the day after I got my copy of this magazine, Margaret from Cachando Chile emailed me and said, “oh that’s right, I forgot you were going to be in Punto Net this month.” And I was confused, because I was sure that I had mentioned this to almost noone, other than the nifty odontologist from the United States who took my picture in Rotorua as it appears in the article and maybe two other people. I was all communication upside-down in New Zealand, out of synch by so many hours I often didn’t know what day it was. And I was pretty sure I hadn’t mentioned it to Margaret. When I asked her how she could have “forgotten” something I didn’t think she knew, she told me it’s because she and Beatriz had been in contact about another project, and Beatriz had mentioned it to her. It turns out that they studied in the same Masters’ program. Because Chile is not just a handkerchief (pañuelo), it’s a child-sized one, that shrank in the wash (ha! as if I had a dryer or the capacity to wash in warm water!).

Anyway, as promised, the article. Click through to the flickr page if you want to see the text. I won’t take over your reader with giant scans-turned-PDFs in a language you may or may not like to read. One day when I am trapped inside with nothing else to do, I might translate it for you. But right now? me da paja (I’m too lazy).


That’s the first page, there are four in total, and they’re all in this set, and you can click on each page. If it comes up too small, click on the plus sign that says “all sizes” and look at it in the orignal. The title means, “the strange and Chilean world of Eileen.”

A couple of whoopsies that ended up in the article, probably due to communication mishaps re: Internet, we couldn’t even talk on the phone due to post-quake communication breakdown is that is the name of one of the websites I work for and publish stuff on, and it’s both a magazine and community, and that I’ve pedaled to the coast ugh number of times. All the border photos are mine as well, and I love the ones they’ve chosen. They show my Santiago. Which may or may not be very different from yours.

Enjoy! I know I did! (and apparently so did the people at the Max Hoover (Max Huber) on Moneda, who greeted me loudly (and by name) when I walked in to pick up the scans.