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In Chile, we’ve got vandalism, and we’ve got signs. Two great tastes that go great together. I live in a world where people scratch letters off of signs (or insert extras) to make them say “funny” things. Funny where the word funny is a stand-in for childish, taunting, double-entrendrey, in a word, puerile.

Commonly scratched-off signs include:

ceda el paso (changed to read “ceda el as”, which means “give up the ace, but can be read to mean to give up something else, the original sign means, simply, “yeild.”)

cuidado con el peldaño (changed to read, “cuidado con el ano” which means, watch your um, excretory outgo, the original sign means, watch your step (sort of))

And then there are the famous signs that read “mariscos,” (seafood), which are changed to insert an n and remove the s, for an anti-gay epithet which I shall not repeat here.

So it was with great joy when I got to see how New Zealanders vandalize their signs.

best sign vandalism ever

It makes me want to go out with a bunch of triangles and a glue stick (and maybe a ladder) and see what I can make. Any ideas?

(this was outside of Auckland, and thanks to Shantiwallah for a) taking me there (we were on the way to Piha beach) and b) not laughing at me when I insisted she stop the car to let me take a picture and c) taking one, too.