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I have a couple of friends whose job it is to keep track of logistics. The logistics of packing, of planning, of strategy, and all that. I applaud them, am astounded by them, and otherwise think they walk on water. I am not really a logistics person. I get bogged down in this and that, always make a decision and then backtrack clumsily over the plans I have made, having failed to see the logical conclusion of a trajectory I have set myself upon. I also fail to include things like sleep and alone time in my plans, which is pure tomfoolery, given how much I really enjoy both.

Sometimes I will have a plan (in this case, leaving Seattle on Monday, Monday I tell you) which seemed like a good idea. Stay a long time, but not too long with my people up here in the house of sunshine and creativity (homemade foam pit for heaven’s sake!) and OMG, have I mentioned the coffee, and then skip out of town to Portland, where I have some people that may want to see me. Darnit! said an old Seattle friend whose wife I have yet to meet (and they’re pregnant, even), I am coming back from Italy late Sunday night! (owie, that’s close). Wah, said my editor, it’s better for us to see you here on Wed night! (If I’d gotten to Portland on Monday, I’d have been gone by Wed night), boo! said my friend that I’m staying with in Portland, that she wouldn’t be there on Monday (but still offered for her husband and kids to put me up because they’re like that).

And a confluence of factors, a quickie “mind if I stay longer?” here in Seattle, a “mind if I arrive later” in Ukiah, “mind if I change my ticket” to Amtrak, “want to go out to dinner on Monday night” and a “how ’bout if we take the train together from Seattle to Portland” later, and the logistics are as smooth as a cake that you used a hairdryer on to smooth out the frosting (seriously, I saw that in a cookbook the other day).

So while the planning aspect may not be my forte, I am flexible enough to make plans to see several people at the last minute who I otherwise might have missed and kicked myself soundly for. And I’m lucky enough to have these people that are pretty flexible and will jump over hill and dale and drive two hours to Seattle (with a two-year old!) to go tho the zoo or invite me to see them playing the ukelele or walk with me like a touristy dork to see the fish ladder and ballard locks.

And if anyone is curious, it’s pirate week at my friends’ kids daycare, so I shall now bid you arghwell. Will miss this family!