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It is with great sadness that I report that I’m leaving Seattle tomorrow morning. I’m excited about what lays beyond, but this city, which I first visited in 1990 (ouch, I’m old!) has been nothing but lovely to me since I arrived. We had hot, but when it was hot there were drinks (like bubble watermelon juice)

bubble watermelon juice

I got hungry, but when I was hungry there was food (from Tacos del Mar):

tacos del mar

and when I needed a snack, there was that, too (top pot donuts):

donut and coffee, seattle style

Friends, real and imaginary who plied me with food and drink and watched me drink my volume in coffee, took me thrift shopping, invited me to ukelele sing-alongs and out to dinner to meet their wives, and came from far away, hosted me beautifully and invited me to play in their foam pits:


and with their dogs:


And Seattle trotted out one of its prettiest days of the summer for me to absorb, with sculpture:


and Chinatown gates:

chinatown gate

And even strangers were horribly photogenic:


smiley fishmarket guy


and here’s what they saw of me, as I made my way around town.

self portrait reflejo con ciclista

And I may have missed the 4th of July, but here’s an actual, unretouched photo of a sunset Seattle threw in my honor.

sunset on phinney

I guess if a city did that for you, you’d come back too.

Onward and southward. They call it Portland. I call it a place that used to be home.