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I have roughly 23,000 things to say, as is generally the case, but right here, right now, precious little time in which to say them. But you love content (or so I hear), so I will leave you with two things.

1. A picture I took of my mom on a recent trip to San Pedro de Atacama

mom, hitchiking
which I’d actually already referenced once, here (who needs blog indexing, when I have my braiiiiiiin?)

2. A story that explains that picture, and gives six other non-photography-related reasons you absolutely should travel with your parents, with props to my excellent editor at Bootsnall.

Seven reasons why traveling with your parents isn’t a bad idea

feel free to stumble, digg, or scream from the rooftops, but be sure your neighbors aren’t home first. You wouldn’t want to start some kind of incident. Though it might make for a good story, and you know how we all love a good story.