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While I’ve been hard at work as an itinerant translator, tourguide, scheduler, small funds manager and keeper of the hotel room’s skeleton key (which makes the place sound much more medieval than it was), editors across the internet have been bringing my practical tips and a whole bucket of snark to your fingertips.

What? You’ve missed these? But don’t you google my first and last name (hint, put Chile in there, or else I’m several pages down), or the blog name obsessively? This is troubling news my friends. Almost as troubling as if you’d told me you hadn’t eaten swiss chard fritters with a pile of cooked squash the other day for dinner, or if you’d missed the over-the-top slab of vanilla icecream with excellent hot fudge and sweet chunks of ginger. These things make me weep, they do.

But because I’m generally not unnice, (though if you tell me nice is one of my main personality-defining adjectives, I will look at you quizically like when you use a three-syllable word to your three-year-old, but perhaps not quite as cute), I will send you to my blather.

First piece, on keeping in touch with the kiddos while on the road (stumble, tweet, go viral, digg, etc) here.

And sarcasm lovers everywhere will adore this one on surefire ways to get sick while traveling. Oh come on, it’s funny! It’s not my fault that there’s a big fat virus going around these days. Here it is (the article, not the virus).