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I was recently contacted by Steven of Travelojos, an independent newsman of sorts, who pulls together information from all over Latin American and follows a variety of people and news sources about the same. It all started when somehow or another I came to leave a comment on his blog. Chatty this one (had you heard?)

And a guest blog post was born. It’s more political and more likely to get me raked over the coals than is normally the case (though I’ve had a couple of burns here as well). I’d be interested in expounding on a bunch of other topics as well if you were hoping for some bearshaped blabla to grace your pages. Please don’t step up all at once. A girl’s got to work for her (mostly vegetarian) bearfeed as well.

And in other news, there’s a giant pillowfight (flashmob style) at 2PM tomorrow at Paseo de Las Palmas up in Providencia. What will they think of next?