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No matter what happens with this contest, I will be glad to have been a part of it. I can see that the road ahead is long, and likely littered with my own spent cyber carcass as I am soundly thrashed by blogs of better repute, more traffic and less interesting names (my opinion) than mine. But it’s all in good fun, and I really appreciate the people at Lonely Planet having set the stage for the contest.

Most of us have our pet blogs, our friends (that may or may not know us), from whom we take levity, wisdom, and the occasional provocation to yell at the computer screen. I for one can tell you that a) you’re welcome b) no really? and c) I can’t hear you.

I like the contest for a number of reasons. It proudens me (which you can say in Spanish, me engorullece), and it also humbles me (which you cannot). It also puts me into contact with people that inhabit my sphere, but with whom I’ve never before crossed paths. We’re kind of neighbors, and it’s nice to know that even if I couldn’t exactly ask them to borrow a cup of sugar, I can at least wave hello when I see them in the street. Or online, whatever.

So here’s the contest logo, if you didn’t see it elsewhere, and all you have to do is clickety, and vote, and so it goes.

here’s where you do the clicking

One thing that I have not yet mentioned is that I have spent entirely too much time on my referral log, just seeing where all you pretties have come from. This view is not exactly a full spectrum, as it turns out that when one hemisphere is awake, the other one is sleeping, and vice versa, statistical outliers/insomniacs in Australia notwithstanding.

But look at all the little lights you’ve lit up. Keep it going! And while you’re at it, could you spell something?