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I have this terrible thing that I do sometimes. Okay, alot. But only recently. I used to only take pictures of landscapes. And one day I just got into people.

I walk around like a normal person, and then, quick like a bunny (with apologies to my Property professor in law school who always said the same), I whip out my camera with the gihugetic lens, and I snap pictures of people. My friend Ted says I only get away with this because I’m female. I don’t know what it is, and I have no intention of ever making anyone look bad, or embarassing anyone or implicating them in any behavior they wouldn’t want to be implicated in. I’m not a spy.

I also don’t really worry about people getting upset with me here in Chile. People aren’t nusto for their personal privacy, and I’m usually on a bike, so I can zip away pretty quickly if things get ugly. Of course I would delete a photo if someone insisted on it. But no one really seems to mind. Cultural differences? The fact that I’m pretty quick on the draw? My lack of pudor? (see last entry).

Alejandro (my photographer friend) says I’m a bit of a documentarian, showing a slice of life. I’m not an artist, not looking for the best, the most, the anythingist. I just see, and I want to remember, or I want you to see, too. I really like kids and parents, especially dads. Blame it on the dead father project that consumes alot of my time. I also really like older women, because one day I hope I’ll be older than dirt and just as gorgeous as they are.

So here are some people for you to look at. They’re part of the fabric of my every day life, just people walking by. I wonder if they would recognize themselves from a first glance, or if I’ve got a side of them they’ve never seen.

La señora con sus plantas.

Just about half his size

Pure fashion

Hot day in Quinta Normal