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And then, in a flash, it was over. The 18th of September celebrations, which start the day before and tend to spill over into the following weekend, much to the dismay of Congress and employers over the (not insignificant) length of this country, are finally over.

No more will I see adults dressed like this:

nor families doing this:

nor a public park that looks like this:

I’d like to say I wouldn’t be seeing too many more of these:

But then that would be a lie, because there’s always “paddy waggons” all over town, looking to pick up those that need a quick transfer to places like this:

We also, inexplicably have a return-of-the-bleak, weatherwise, and this, one day after Google planted flowers in my browser to alert me that it was spring. Strangely, they used tulips, which are kind of a northern-hemisphere thing (Holland, anyone?!). But they get an A for effort. Or here in Chile, they get a 7 for effort.