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In addition to being my late grandfather’s birthday, today is also the seventh anniversary of the attacks on the WTC, which changed my home country forever. It’s also the 35th anniversary of the coup d’etat that changed my adopted country forever, too. A Brazilian friend of mine recently commented that Chileans have a good memory, and that Brazilians probably don’t even remember what day their coup happened. The golpe militar is part of the fabric here. A street named for the date runs through an upper middle class shopping district.

For some people, it’s business as usual today. Like this guy who sells cheese beside the presidential palace.

or is it?

You can see today however you want.

Business as usual.

Or waiting for something big.

But whatever you do, if you’re downtown, bring a hanky or something to cover your mouth and nose, and a lemon if you’ve got one handy. Don’t make any stupid decisions and keep safe. And if you don’t have to hang out by Villa Francia, don’t.

And you might want to check in a little later for some more photos, I hope.