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Sometimes, inexplicably, you aren’t doing what you really like to do. No one knows why, but despite enjoying exercise, or seeing certain friends or taking long walks, you’re sitting still, seeing the wrong people (or no one at all) and not walking anywhere. And things are peculiarly off, like using the wrong white balance, which greens up your greys, making you look distinctly ill.

Sometimes you’re lucky, and you figure it out, and strap on your skates or cook an awesome meal or go drop a smile at Reina, who sells sopaipillas on the corner. Or you make a guy you only kind of know come over and drop off a bag at your house and wander around the neighborhood taking pictures. Upon which he immediately silently clambers up onto the top of a parking sun shield, which makes you wonder if maybe he is secretly part feline.

This is the work of graffiti artist (COAS) whose art I recognize by sight, and whose graffiti I’ve seen before (this one in Laguna Zapallar) here plastered over with some afiches (posters) in Barrio Brasil.

And then, the work of an artist I don’t know, half-hidden behind some trash at the entrance to the Barrio Universitario.

And then, continuing on with the theme that caught my eye there, the glimmering light bulb, I bring you more light.

First, from Concha y Toro (not the winery, though I will talk about them, soon!)

Then on a little pasaje off of Ricardo Cumming which I’ve never been into before, and my friend wanted to jump the gate to get out of, but eventually we got out how you normally do, by waiting for someone to open the gate for you. We had wandered in when the gate opened for someone else.

And then my favorite, on the second (or third?) floor of a building facing the Alameda right outside of the República Metro. Thanks for painting your walls red, dude.

And finally, a last one of the willing victim (and photographer, check his site here) who gamely agreed to wander and click and go on an urban nighttime photo safari. Who’s next? The view from my balcony, as you know, is excellent.