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Today’s search terms were particularly smile-worthy and totally PG, so I thought I’d expound on them a bit.

thai cultural dance and thailand dancer

I understand that there is a healthy dance tradition in Thailand. I have never been to Thailand, but I did take this snazzy picture at a Thai performance a few years ago up in Las Condes, and like most things, it made me want to go to Thailand.

micro buses santiago
La micro (I know that looks wrong, but it’s not) is what we call the bus in Santiago. It’s the city bus, which used to be yellow, and very, very loud, but is now green and white, and nearly never has enough seats for anyone, and the ones it does have often require hopping up onto, particularly for Chileans, who tend to be shorter than whomever the bus was designed for. The new busses stop at actual bus stops, whereas the old ones stopped (or not) whenever they pleased. It’s an improvement, as far as these things go.

Old school


I have never gone skydiving and have no intention of doing so. I did follow some travel buddies out to the diving place in Wanaka, NZ when I was cycling around the south Island. I drove out to the diving place, and there I took pictures of them in the air and then on the ground, and then drank some pretty mediocre beer out of some very tiny mugs.

go greyhound jingle

The Greyhound bus bears almost no relation to the buses we take in Chile. In Chile, nearly everyone takes the bus, and depending on how much you are willing/able to pay, you can be quite comfortable. Few long-distance buses stop a million times, you don’t get dumped off in someplace that looks like it came out of a horror movie, and I have never seen anyone sneak a cigarette out the window in the middle of the night. Not that it’s Greyhound’s fault, but I cannot say the same of Greyhound. Please remind me to tell you the story about the secreted cellphone sometime. It came from the 70 year old woman behind me, that likes to hide her cellphone in one of her undergarments. But I digress.

quirk eggs

I do not know what a quirk egg is. Perhaps it is related to a quark, or maybe there’s a bird called a quirk, like how there is a bird called a flicker that seems to be some kind of woodpecker which like the metal flashing on rooftops, and that is a shame when you are trying to sleep.

the sound of rain inside a tent
I have written about the sound of rain, and I hope whoever searched for me here enjoyed my descriptions. I’m particularly fond with the never-ending velcro description.

heckle and jeckle cartoons in spanish

I am not aware of what heckel and jeckel (correct spelling) would be called in Spanish. I know that the Jetsons are Los Supersónicos, and the Flintstones are Los Picapiedra and the Smurfs are Los Pitufos, and Doraemon is El Gato Cósmico, but I think that’s where my cartoon knowlege drops off.

This excercise made me think that I sometimes wish I could track down the person who looked for something and stumbled upon my blog so I could let them know the answers to their questions.

Except this one: why im cheating on you

I really couldn’t tell you.

How are people finding you lately?