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Someone commented last year at TBEX (perhaps Don George, who’s coming back, yay for us!) the truism that although people (somewhat goofily) ask a photographer about his equipment upon seeing a particularly stunning shot, that no one asks a writer what kind of keyboard they use to produce their brilliant prose. I love this.

Something else I am learning to love is my new minicam, which (shockingly) is the only camera I have for this portion of this trip, the SF-Seattle-Vancouver-Seattle-SF loop. The camera, recommended by Pam, is a Lumix something or another, and it’s blue. I had a chance to try it out on a photo walk with some premier geeks in town for WWDC, that giant Apple developers conference that’s taking place downtown this week, and to which we have (temporarily) lost my brother-in-law. I was among men with giant cameras, and at times I wanted to shout out, “but I have a real camera!” And then I remembered, it’s not really the camera (though like a good keyboard, it doesn’t hurt).

Here’s what a little simple point and shoot action can get you if you kinda sorta maybe know what you’re doing, or so they say. All but the last taken in a part of San Francisco called Dogpatch. Not “the Dogpatch” just Dogpatch. It’s much cooler without the article, trust me. SF is a study in too-cool-for me, but I don’t mind. And now, Dogpatch photos.

Mr and Mrs Miscellaneous Ice Cream

Contrast in the dogpatch

California Republi

Yard Office

They'll need a crane


Me and the mini cam

Gratuitous nephew shot

More photos, and bigger views in this Flickr set. I didn’t change colors or exposures, but I cropped one and straightened out the horizontal on another. There. Secrets laid bare. Good cameras do not take good pictures. Good photographers take good pictures. Looking forward to meeting some good writers and photogs both at the upcoming conference. If you see me, and my minicam, feel free to say hey.