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A friend of mine recently mentiond to me that I never say anything about my other blog. Other blog? Like a secret one where I rail against people who have wronged me and talk about how much alcohol I have drunk that day (always a disappointment, normally very little or none)? No, actually it’s a blog I write for NileGuide as part of my gig as an expert there. I try to keep that stuff more Santiago-specific and less me-specific, but as I am incapable of maintaining a poker face, so too is it impossible for me to keep my personality out of what I’ve written. Here are a couple of things that might be of interest or cause a snicker. Feel free to click and make me rich (where rich is very, very relative).

Upcoming events

Cumbre Guachaca– an alcohol-soaked good time, tonight and tomorrow night at Estación Mapocho. I can’t say enough about this insane event, but I can stay far, far away. But that’s just me. Go! drink a terremoto! twirl your hankie!

Cuasimodo Celebration– Not your grandmother’s Catholicism. A parade/procession of headscarved horsemen and cyclists accompany the priest to bring communion to the infirm. Sunday, May 1.

Guided Wine Tasting in English by Andes Wines-Another wine dipenser event, this one hosted and guided by Pamela Villablanca. May 5th, click for details.


Chilean Mine Rescue Recreated in Marshmallow Peeps– My two countries coming together in the name of hypersweet snacks and great human drama.


Seatbelt Use Now Obligatory on Long-Distance Buses in Chile– really, they’re handing out tickets and everything!


There is tons more. I’ve written more than 80 posts for them, some time-sensitive, some not. As time has gone on, I’ve been doing more “upcoming events” in Santiago type posts, as that seems to be what people want.

And even more

I also write restaurant reviews and things to do and whatnot, which you can check out if you like. I try to be circumspect, but again, the snark sometimes comes through. Coming soon, I ate Mexican food in Santiago that didn’t suck! (link to follow).

I’m probably going to do this at least once a month. Tell me if you object, and I’ll consider sending you a carrier pigeon with the news instead. I know where you(r computer) live(s).