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Qué quieres que te diga? (What do you want me to say, literally, “what do you want that I tell you (fun with the subjunctive, included!)” Santiago has a lot of really great public spectaculars. Like really, really great. Pequeña Gigante great.

We are tremendously lucky to have all kinds of gorgeous and crowd-gathering things here, and the bicentennial celebrations exceeded my expectations, particularly with this light show where they used the Moneda’s (presidential palace #NG) southern face as its canvas. Most of what was really cool about the event was about watching things move, appear, disappear, protrude and retract, all convincingly done with light, but here are some pictures of what the night was like to give you an idea.

I went with a friend, and we stood on Paseo Bulnes, which is a great place to buy a jackknife, a rifle, or any other assorted implements of destruction, or to play with the wicked high ISO settings on your camera.


And to say there was a crowd would be a terrible understatement. Tens of thousands of people were there, and this was the second night we tried to go. We had tried to attend on the kickoff night, but we couldn’t get anywhere near the building.


Here’s one of the views we had.


and another, which reminded me of this building I saw in Oamaru, New Zealand.


and of course it ended with fireworks, of which I took a few photos, again enjoying the camera settings, and cursing the lack of a tripod.


yay really high ISO. Oh, right, fireworks

At various times, the Moneda was “turned into” a greek temple, a garden, an underwater scene, the backdrop for four emerging moai (giant stone heads from Easter Island)

I loathe mob scenes with all my heart, and Chile does a terrible job of keeping people safe, moving pedestrian traffic and crowd control, which always freaks me out, but this was actually quite well worth it. In fact, I’d say it was one of the coolest visual effects presentation I’ve ever seen. If you have the patience (and some dramamine), you can check out some of the youtube videos posted on this site.

Next up: boats and planes, or the military shows its stuff in Viña. Patience my adoring fans, patience.

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