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Santiago in the summer is sheer joy. It is spacious streets and five minutes in and out at the bank, and tables available at cafés and warm weather (sometimes too hot), and arts and theater.

So I’m a little bit sad to be leaving Santiaguino summer in a few days for New Zealand’s version, which I’ve been preparing for by standing in my clothes in the shower. I cheat, in that I use warm water, and really, this is just to see how resistant the old Gore-Tex is (does someone want to sponsor me with a truly waterproof garment? I would be ever so pleased and grateful).

As a sendoff today, I went to the supermarket for the last compras (purchases) before the trip, toting my blue avocado bag (I have the pod, in green, and it’s the perfect reusable bag with comfy straps) I got from my friend Stephanie’s (in the news today, whoo!) mother at Christmas, and loving it very much. I think it will make the trip over to NZ, so as not to run afoul of the rabid environmentalism I hope to run across there.

At the supermarket I was treated to this fruit, the likes of which I’ve never seen before, which they were calling “lemon plum.” I’ve eaten two already, and they have more lemon shape than taste, though they are a little sour (though not acidic).

lemon plums (?!)

Which got me to thinking of all the fruits and vegetables we like to call by other fruit and vegetable names.

Got that?

In Spanish there’s

guineo fresa (strawberry banana, this in Ecuador for one of the gazillion varieties of bananas they have there)
ciruela limón (lemon plum)
durazno platano (lit: banana peach, this one is a nectarine)

got any more?

In English I can only think of grape, cherry, pear and plum tomato.

Which then reminded me of the dreaded tomate de arbol or tree tomato, which they apparently have in New Zealand.

And so I add that to my goals.

1. Explore bearshapedsphere
2. Pedal furiously (but not angrily)
3. Snap many photos
4. Encounter rabid environmentalism
5. Avoid dreaded tree tomato

If you’re in Santiago and want to try the juice of this dread fruit (despite my warnings) check out the place I talk about here)

If you have anything else to list, please feel free. And also, the captcha? sorry, but it was necessary. I just can’t keep up with the Japanese spam and people starting every day with the words “good morning sunshines.”

Enjoy your day mightily and with vigor!