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In the previous post, I promised more flora. And in general, I’m a keeper of promises, though not a promisekeeper, because that makes my skin crawl.

tons of these bubble-looking flowers.

And these yellow ringed flowers.

And pink astromelias (not asters, thanks, you’re totally right!), which seem to bloom later than the red ones, as they were not yet withered nor going to seed (see previous post)

and these delicate ones which looked like murano glass in real life.


and this thing that grows like a chagual, but has these little spiky pompons on top.


I like to think of this one as the pineapple paintbrush, for reasons that are very clear to me. And to you?


and a giant, spiky cactus with its pretty white flowers


or you can just look at the cactus itself, in a series of three:



not so good


anybody got a trumpet?


And then a totally different cactus, that grows close to the ground, has spikes galore and grows flowers in this pretty crown shape. (Quisco Anaranjado Neoporteria curvispina, and this is the only one I could identify in a book of wildflowers I have, in case you were wondering why I’ve only named it, and not everybody else. Apparently they’re hard to spy, so we got lucky.)

Not pictured: a vizcacha (like a chinchilla/bunny) I saw the hind end of, a few lizards, a whole bunch of birds, including quail which make that funny hooting coo, and the foxes we heard (making sort of a squeaky bark), and it sounded like there were pups around.

Now get out there and gaze upon the pretty that is Chile!