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I hope this doesn’t qualify as one of those horrible taggity memey things, but here goes.

Katie and I were talking recently in the comments on this blog entry about my wanton garlic-importing ways, and how this fact has been written down on my permanent record, which will probably one day prevent me from going to the finest culinary school on any continent.

Anyway, turns out Katie’s got a tale to tell about dulce de leche, the Argentine equivalent of Chile’s manjar. Which is a funny way of putting it, since most know what dulce de leche is and manjar is much less well-known. And this reminds me, by the way of an awesome American couple I met in Iquique (who seem to be in Japan right now), who insisted on calling it Man Jar, as though it were a certain surrealist/dadist artist, as opposed to a goopy milky fudgy spreadable sweet.

Ahem. So, stuff you’ve tried to bring aboard a plane that’s been taken from you, or that you’ve seen taken from someone else. Makes for a good story. So here’s what you do. You blog about it, then you leave me a comment here, and then I pimp you out to my readers. It’s great fun. And I got the idea of this “group blog post” from here, the blog of another American expat living in Chile, who’s part of (it seems) a tight circle of friends who respond prolifically to her requests for group blog posts.

Don’t let me down, people.

Here we go. Group blog post: The Great Seizing, or how they took my stuff away (or somebody else’s) and it made us all laugh and/or cry.

Spill your story on your blog, leave a comment here and I’ll make you marginally famouser than you were before. If you don’t have a blog I guess you can leave your story in the comments. Holy moderated comments, batman.