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Herein lies a quick, nontraditional mid-weekend update to report several small items.

1. Even bringing only one pannier to the fresh market is not an assured way to limit fruit and vegetable purchasing when you insist on piling plastic bags onto the handlebars.
2. My bike genius at Doctor Bike on Coquimbo has turned my bicycle back into the nearly silent animal it once was, also greased the bewhosis out of the chain, and my right calf bears the proof.
3. We are moving along in the ranks and in the voting. You, my readers, are absolutely my 170 favorite humans on the planet (my gorgeous nephew, who at less than two does not yet surf the web freely, notwithstanding). If you are aware of other humans who you believe to be interested in sharing in the lovefest, do not hesitate to direct them to the voting page and instruct them accordingly.
4. I have coined a silly expression to describe the competitiveness and cutthroat nature of all of our bloggity madness both within the Lonely Planet Travel Blogger Awards (have I mentioned this?) and in other arenas.

It’s a blog-eat-blog world out there. (you heard it here first).

Would anyone like to design a graphic? I’d happily display it, both here and in my window, which kind of faces the Panamerican Highway, which means millions of viewers could see it most days, with just a small set of opera glasses or bionic vision.

Coming tomorrow: Those pesky 1 peso coins and how the distribution thereof tells you one uncertain thing, despite all your slang and posturing and even (gasp) purchasing of clothing in this hemisphere: once a foreigner, always a foreigner.

Enjoy your weekend.