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In Spanish there’s an expression, “ni fu, ni fa” which is kind of like, eh, so-so, neither good nor bad, or maybe even neither here nor there. Ni means neither/nor and fu and fa are kind of nonsense words. It’s not an expression I use alot, but it swims around at the periphery, ready to hop in when nothing else will do. I haven’t thought about it much, and probably use it seldom. So why is it on my mind?

Among the Dove, the Le Sancy and the other ubersmelly soaps and showergels, including Bellekiss which seems to have urea in it (!?), we’ve got a brand of soap and shower gel here in Chile called Fa. See below:

Doesn’t the name look so abbreviated, so short? If it were Fe it would mean faith, though I might always think of iron. If it were Fo I’d think of pho, the Vietnamese soup. Fi would make me think of fe fi fo fum. But it’s none of those things. It’s Fa.

Which just makes me wonder, in the land of ni fu ni fa, where’s the Fu? I sense a market gap. Anyone?